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Quality centric adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes  is one of many varieties of backing materials coated with an adhesive. Several types of adhesives can be used.

Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes Pvt Ltd., A leading solution provider of Pressure Sensistive Adhesive Tapes for various Industrial applications. Our speciality solutions range from Masking tapes, BOPP tapes, films, foams adhesive tape die-cuts & foam Die-cuts.


Gaffer Tape may be Adhesive tapes Manufacturers that finds its means into most Maintenance public toilet tool boxes as its uses vary from repairing carpets to general bundling. This tape is offered altogether colors and also the widths vary from 25mm to 150mm on

ads tape

Parseal tape may be a quality complete of Adhesive tapes and is especially factory-made plastic tape for Directa. The tape is brown buff transparent in color, Brown Buff blends in with brown boxes and is clear for boxes that area unit written, and thus you’ll be able to see the printing through the tape.The foremost common size is 50mm breadth by 66M however different sizes and lengths area unit on the market to suit manual and automatic tape dispensers.

Leading Masking Tapes (Topper) is factory-made by 3M Tapes. The tape may be a paper with associate adhesive backing. On the market as a utile economy tape, that may be used for masking once general painting or wont to hold on backs of image frames.


Velcro Tape may be a highly regarded utile adhesive product, provided in rolls that area unit simply keep and provides you the flexibleness to chop the length you would like.

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3m tapes Manufacturers Bangalore

Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes Pvt. Ltd is the leading manufacturers of Adhesive tapes. Manufacture wide range of tapes like Masking tapes, Bopp tapes etc. Adhesive tapes are one of many varieties of backing materials coated with an adhesive. They are glossy in their look and are widely used for different domestic and industrial purpose. It is easy to use and highly acclaimed in national and international market for its durability


One of the foremost necessary things for any business or business owner to contemplate is safety.Being a prime priority for many in their daily happenings, safety may be a massive key within the success and growth of any company.There also are reflective and 3m tapes Manufacturers that create visibility a lot of easier within the dark. These conjointly are available in all forms of shapes and sizes so you’ll get the proper cut and size for pretty much any surface.


Our greatest assest is our backing from leading manufactures, that we can supply our customers with the latest innovations. We are the preferred supplier in Bangalore and one supplier for brand 3M.

Some makers conjointly usually supply coating services. Anti-skid material is not just utilized in tapes, however conjointly in coatings. These corporations conjointly sell coatings that may be placed on surfaces that forestall slips and falls very like the tapes, however square measure a little a lot of esthetically pleasing than gritty tape. A number of these corporations conjointly supply coating services like lamination.Anti-skid tapes are necessary, however there square measure several different merchandise that square measure enclosed within the product lines of several of the many masking tapes Manufacturers makers that square measure equally necessary and supply many edges to assist keep businesses winning.

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