Tesa tapes Manufacturers in Bangalore

Tesa tapes Manufacturers in Bangalore | vasavitapes

Tesa tapes manufactures in Bangalore is one in all the best helpful inventions. We have evolved as a professionally managed organization, engaged in coating, converting, and distributing of pressure sensitive Adhesive tapes, films, Foams, Laminates and allied products- catering various industrial domains. Let us take a glance shortly on the invention of adhesive tape initial. This sure provides was fabricated by Dick player in 1925. He had a thought to make a special non-abrasive tape used for car painting business.


Cloth tape is probably one of the most versatile tools found in organization today. Cloth tapes are made use of extensively in homes, and also in huge workspace, organization and industries. Beside these new innovative items, inventions are additionally manufactured by utilizing cloth tape.

tesa tapes

Items made from cloth tape are a style declaration, products such as bags, purses, belts and cuffs are now being made with that tape. The multitude of colors that these tapes are available in make tape fashion more appealing. The idea is to create this sure tape was accepted because the result, currently we will see plenty of styles of adhesive tape in the market.

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