Masking tapes

Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes Pvt Ltd., A leading solution provider of Pressure Sensistive Adhesive Tapes for various Industrial applications. Our speciality solutions range from Masking tapes, BOPP tapes, films, foams adhesive tape die-cuts & foam Die-cuts.


Infographic-3m   masking     tapes

Masking tapes is known as sticky tape, is a tape of pressure sensitive tape made of a thin and easy to tear paper, and easily released pressure sensitive adhesive. It is available in Varity of sizes. It is mainly used for painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted.

Masking tapes starting from general purpose applications to high temperature requirements of powder coating masking. Both powder and filmic materials are available for these applications. The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface. Masking tape is available for several range of temperature depending on the applications. They have been designed to perform in any conditional weather and are resistant to strong solvents and paints.

masking tapes

The Masking tapes comes in several models that area unit classified in keeping with their uses. It should conjointly use varied things in its manufacture such as; chemical compound or polyester films which might be used for etching, powder coating and regular electronic procedures, vinyl and glass artifact structure for industrial functions. However, the most effective resistors to high temperatures area unit the atomic number 14 incorporated ones.

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